CJ Worx Bangkok raises awareness of Thailand’s forests by creating a virtual fence around them. | Campaign brief Asia


Campaign brief Asia, CJ Worx Bangkok created The Virtual Fence Project

In the past 30 years, Thailand had lost more than a quarter of forest area. Protected forests were trespassed and turned into resorts, farms, and golf courses because the boundaries between “legal” and “illegal” were never clearly defined. 

campaign brief

Seub-Nakhasathien Foundation, Thailand’s most famous foundation to promote nature conservation, wants to find an easy way to enhance awareness and develop mechanisms to encourage active participation in the forest conservation.

Since Thai tourists always check-in and share their location on their social network from their smartphones, CJ Worx Bangkok created The Virtual Fence Project, which allows people to virtually pin point borderlines and reclaim forest territories, using Foursquare to promote forest conservation with just a simple tap of a “check-in” button.


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