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Media Buyer

This role is a critical position within the Trading and Influencer team, specifically within the Paid Acquisition pod. Focus on managing and advancing the buying of paid Social Media Platform (Facebook Page / IG / Twitter…) with the goal of efficiently acquiring consumers. Responsibilities will include working closely with the Media Planner and Social Media team to develop and execute campaigns with a focus on advancing the ad tech infrastructure for each media vehicle. 


  • Bachelor in Business Management, Business Administration / Marketing / Mass Communication or in a related field
  • 2+ year experience in digital media 
  • Flexibility, adaptability and the ability to work under tight deadlines, changing client needs 
  • Proficiency with numbers, budget and time management
  • Ability to present ideas, negotiate and problem solve
  • Strong negotiation skills 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Get brief from Media Planner to gain an understanding of campaign specific strategy to ensure all buys are aligned with and maximize campaign goals. 
  • Contact supplier to asking the cost of buyer page and media platform
  • To manage budgets in line with the target KPIs and strategies
  • Maintain key planning and benchmark documents, campaign billing and budget management, and gather launch confirmation details.
  • Analytics, Measurement and Optimization Report
  • Negotiating the best price, quality and placement of advertisements
  • Keeping up to date with fluctuations in popularity ratings and developments in the industry
  • Maintaining good relationships with influencer
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