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Netflix Movie Poster

Netflix Thailand Turns Lottery into Colourful Poster

To promote its new original movie ‘The Lost Lotteries’ which storyline is solely about finding the lost 1st prize lottery tickets to Thai audience, Netflix Thailand, together with CJ Worx, turned every lottery ticket vendor into movie advertisement with just small colourful pieces of papers. 

Colourful lottery set covers were turned into ‘The Lotto Movie Poster’. Besides the imitation of the regular lottery cover, with  intricate Thai patterns to spiritual elements believed to bring good luck, the movie logo and the message, ‘Keep your lottery save. Don’t let it get lost’ were added in, turning small pieces of papers that get distributed all over Thailand into a small piece of ad to promote the movie.

Once the ‘The Lotto Movie Poster’ was distributed to every lottery ticket vendor across Thailand, it became a buzz among the target audience. People were looking to collect every colour and every design of the ‘The Lotto Movie Poster’ and posted on social media to find the rare designs. The campaign was able to gain a broader audience, gaining a higher number of subscribers for Netflix and the movie was placed most watched within a day of its release.


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