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Gold, Out of home
Silver, Experience Corporate
Silver, Digital Products
Silver, Digital Realtime response
Silver, Experience promo
Silver, PR realtime response
Bronze, Design Ambient
Bronze, Direct Ambient
Bronze Brand-owned
Bronze, Digital Mobile
Bronze, Direct Realtime response
Bronze Integrated Marketing Communication
Bronze, PR digital

Adman 2023

Gold, Digital and mobile campaign

White Square 2023

Silver, Entertainment: Experiential
Silver, Entertainment: PR
Bronze, Media OOH: Product/service

Clios 2023

Bronze, Media Use of Ambient: Small Scale
Bronze, Direct Campaign for Launch/Re-Launch

Adfest 2023

Gold, Environment Design, Change for good
Silver, Strategy, Brand Experience
Bronze, Creative Strategy, Integrated
Bronze, Innovation packaging, Packaging Design

White Square 2022

Silver, Media, Ambient small scale
Silver, Media, Use of data
Bronze, Media, Corporate
Bronze, PR, Corporate
Bronze, PR, Use of influencer
Bronze, PR, Health care
Bronze, Social & Influencer, Corporate
Bronze, Social & Influencer, Use of community
Bronze, Social & Influencer, Social commerce
Bronze, Craft, Art direction
Bronze, Direct, Ambient small scale
Bronze, Good, Sustainability
Bronze, PR, Brand partnership

Adman 2022

B2B Agency of The Year

Campaign 2022

Creative Agency of The Year
Independent Agency of The Year
Digital Agency of the year

Campaign 2021

1 of 6 Nominated Global Independent Agency of The Year

Campaign June 2020

Digital Agency of The Year
Creative Agency of The Year
Independent Agency of The Year
Social Media Agency of The Year

Campaign 2019

Bronze/ Wood pencil, Viral Film

D&AD 2019

Asia Pacific Independent Agency of The Year
Bronze branded experience
Silver outdoor ambient small

AdFest 2019

Gold Integrated, Use of discipline
Gold Online, Use of medium
Gold Direct response, Use of discipline
Gold PR, use of discipline
Gold Corporate Image
Gold Location-Based Media, Use of medium
Silver Branding, Use of discipline
Silver Social Media, Use of medium

New York Festival Midas Awards 2019

Digital Agency of The Year
Creative Agency of The Year
Media Agency of The Year
Social Media Agency of The Year
Boutique Agency of The Year

Campaign Asia 2018

Independent Agency of The Year
Digital Agency of The Year
Creative Agency of The Year

Campaign Asia 2017

Grand Prix Design
Silver Outdoor special build
Bronze Entertainment brand experience
Bronze Promo & Activation ambient 

Cannes Lions 2017

Grand Prix Out of home special build
Gold Design brand installation
Gold Direct marketing ambient
Gold Innovation
Gold Media ambient
Gold No format creativity
Gold PR corporate
Silver Ad that works
Silver Out of home guerrilla marketing
Silver Promo-activation exhibition
Silver Promo-activation corporate image
Silver Branded content live experience
Bronze Branded content film

Adman 2017

Gold  Ambient Corporate image
Gold Branded Entertainment
Gold Design Branded Content
Silver Design Experiential
Silver Guerrilla Marketing
Bronze Design Installation

London International 2017

Asia Pacific Independent Agency of The Year

Thailand Agency of The Year

Grand Prix  Outdoor Special Build
Grand Prix Promo & activation Corporate Social Responsibility
Grand Prix Spikes Asia Design Environmental/Social Impact
Gold Use of Ambient Outdoor
Gold Promo & activation Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Gold Promo & activation Installations
Gold Media Corporate Image & Sponsorship
Silver Design Promotional Item Design
Silver Design Spatial Brand Installation & Experience
Bronze Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Bronze Design Brand Communication
Bronze Entertainment Brand Experience

Spikes Asia 2017

Gold Brand design spatial
Gold Out of home ambient
Silver Event experiential ambient

Clio 2017

Grand Prix Outdoor special build
Gold design Self promo
Gold Public service human rights
Silver Media event
Bronze PR event
Bronze PR Digital social

Adstars 2017

Second Prize, Effectiveness Branded
Third Prize, Digital corporate image
Third Prize, Events
Third Prize, Outdoor corporate image
Third Prize, Outdoor Ambient
Third Prize, Public Service environmental
Third Prize, Activation corporate image
Third Prize, Activation event
Third Prize, Avant-Garde corporate image
Third Prize, Branded corporate image

New York Festival 2017

Gold/ Yellow pencil, Branding Brand experience
Gold/ Yellow pencil, Media Use of outdoor
Bronze/ Wood pencil, Outdoor advertising
Bronze/ Wood pencil, PR Public affairs campaign
Bronze/ Wood pencil, Design for public space

D&AD 2017

Bronze, Branded Entertainment Live Events
Bronze, Design Brand Installations
Bronze, PR Events & Experiential

One Show 2017

Independent agency of the year

Grand Prix, design
Grand Prix, media
Gold, outdoor guerrilla marketing
Gold, branded content sport
Silver, outdoor ambient

Adfest 2017

Independent Agency of the Year
Digital Agency of the Year

Campaign Asia 2016

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