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KFC Checking for Chicken

KFC Thailand Turns VAR Checks into Time Limited KFC Coupons

‘Checking for Chicken’ from CJ WORX turns the most boring moments of football into a frenzy for chicken offers

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) was formally written into the Laws of the Game by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in 2018. A VAR check may cause the game to be delayed while the VAR ascertains whether or not a possible mistake has occurred. The referee may delay the restart of the game and cause annoying for the game watching. Millions of viewers worldwide found VAR is the most annoying since 2018.

KFC teams up with CJ WORX to introduce its first VAR promotion campaign that turns annoying VAR moments into the most anticipated ones. During the football game, ‘Checking for Chicken’ from KFC pops up the limited saving coupons on their app once VAR appears. Thousands of KFC fans rush to the app to claim those coupons. Reporters say most people do not get it in time, but are satisfied with how KFC entertains their fans on the ‘nothing to do moment.’ Thousands of people have been rooting for VAR checking to collect the new coupons. There are various coupon types to follow on every match; for example, offside promo, handball discount, disallowed goals bundle, penalty offer, etc.


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