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5 Marketing Trends for 2024

In 2024, it remains another year where the commercial landscape, both online and offline, fluctuates fiercely across all platforms. This is because changes occur in the blink of an eye due to the rapidly shifting consumer behaviors. Brands that excel, capture customer needs, and address their problems inevitably dominate sales.

Even though consumer behaviors change rapidly, there has been enough data reflecting trends in behavior since 2023. These 2024 behavior trends are undoubtedly confirmed and are something marketers and advertisers should know and adapt to quickly because they directly impact sales results. All of this insight comes from Chawana, the Managing Director of CJ WORX, a Thai-based agency who has been a prominent figure in both the Thai and international advertising industry for over 14 years, combining personal experience accumulated over more than 20 years in marketing and advertising.

The changing behaviors undoubtedly drive the digital market forward, but will digital agencies grow with it? There are several factors at play, and they must continue to prove themselves. Not only do they compete with numerous new digital agencies emerging, but they also contend with platforms influencing the marketing and advertising industry. Therefore, it’s imperative to analyze consumer behaviors and choose services that resonate with brands to win over consumers’ hearts, delivering value and ultimately driving sales. Otherwise, digital agencies won’t meet brands’ needs.
What you, Chawana, reflect is the impact of changing consumer behaviors expected this year. This will affect digital agencies and brands if they don’t adapt.

Let’s take a look at the trends Chawana identified as essential for marketers and advertisers to adapt to, lessons from CJ WORX, a Thai digital agency

1 Brands should seek teams that offer more than just advertising agencies.
2 Consumers want a good brand experience because we provide the same value.
3 Agencies use data to be more creative.
4 Agencies and brands use data to enhance products and services to meet consumer interests.
5 Brands, agencies, and consumers desire sustainable business practices beyond CSR.

1. Brands need teams that offer more than just advertising agencies. Last year, we saw businesses start from scratch, lacking fundamental marketing knowledge or channels for sales. Chawana mentioned that creating creative work without essential marketing fundamentals is risky. A single movie or creative campaign doesn’t fulfill all business needs.
“We want to ensure clients have a strong business foundation. That’s why CJ WORX GROUP has launched a new unit in partnership with clients called ‘High Touch.’ We collaborate to build a solid marketing foundation from the beginning of business operations. We believe that an agency that has ‘Skin In The Game’ with clients from day one is what modern clients seek.”
Furthermore, as leading agencies in Thailand, we see the trend of the Gig Economy, a global phenomenon since COVID-19, where remote work became common. This made work more flexible, not necessarily requiring full-time employees or office spaces.
“So, CJ WORX GROUP responds to becoming a Marketing Consultancy, working as one team with clients to meet marketing team needs. This year, CJ WORX is ready to face these changes by providing comprehensive services beyond creating ad campaigns or designing products. This comprehensive consultancy service responds to clients’ changing needs, ensuring digital agencies survive.”
Because a clip generating 1.8 billion views doesn’t necessarily translate to brand sales, as Chawana confirmed. Therefore, since late 2023, we’ve begun consulting brands. We’re confident this trend will strengthen this year.

2. Consumers who want to have a good experience with the brand because we provide the same value.
“This brand thinks just like us” is what sets us apart. Regardless of how similar products or services may be, amidst the plethora of offerings in the current market, why must it be this particular brand? It’s because creating a brand experience is about creating differentiation, bringing forth the value of the brand.
Chawana sees it as the responsibility of advertising agencies to reintegrate Customer Experience into the overall marketing strategy of each brand. Amidst the current emphasis on platforms, there’s a risk of overlooking appropriate marketing planning.
“Creating experiences for consumers to feel the brand’s good experiences and how it improves their quality of life is crucial. How much does it cater to their needs? All of this has been missing from recent advertising campaigns, but it’s a trend that will return this year. With the abundance of products and services to choose from, those with the most consumer experience win hearts with the experiences they have felt the most. They gain loyalty to the brand, leading to immeasurable sales and brand value.”

3. Agencies use DATA to think and create more creatively.
The advertising pieces of CJ WORX in Western countries, such as the United States, have utilized ‘Real Insight’ consumer data to enhance creativity through Data Driven Creativity. Chawana shared that when she visited advertising exhibitions in the United States at the end of 2023, many works predominantly incorporated data to advance storytelling and create associations with consumers effectively.
“Our latest campaign at CJ WORX, using DATA to conceive creative work, is the INGMA campaign. It features a cute little girl whose face is entirely composed of faces of individuals who have passed away from dengue fever in Thailand. We processed the data to create the face of this little girl, INGMA. Additionally, we incorporated statistics of dengue fever patients in each area into the text on advertisements placed in corresponding locations. This was aimed at raising awareness of the danger and preventing dengue fever outbreaks in residential areas.

4. Agencies and brands using DATA to innovate products and services to meet consumer needs.
Agencies play a crucial role in selecting valuable data from brands and utilizing it to either create or enhance advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. Sometimes brands drown in vast amounts of data, akin to hair covering a mountain, without recognizing the invaluable insights that could be leveraged to further their goals. This insight is precisely what brands need to capture consumers’ hearts.
Chawana emphasized the growing importance of using data to drive performance across the entire marketing funnel. At CJ WORX Group, this involves analyzing existing customer data to inform the creation of advertisements, campaigns, or even the development of new products that cater to consumers’ inherent needs identified through data insights. The Red Carbon, a subsidiary of CJ WORX Group, serves as a creative compass, guiding creative work with data.
“For example, one motorcycle brand discovered a trend where female consumers increasingly purchase big bikes each year. Therefore, advertising campaigns utilizing data-driven insights should target this demographic. Whether promoting fitness activities to build the strength necessary for controlling big bikes or highlighting safety features tailored for female riders, data-driven creativity can enhance the purchasing experience.”
Chawana elaborated on past experiences where data was used to differentiate brands significantly.
Overall, CJ WORX GROUP’s executives aim to elevate the advertising industry by not only creating creative advertisements but also by infusing data-driven creativity into every aspect of the customer journey. This approach adds value to brands, boosts sales, and ensures that advertising agencies remain relevant in an increasingly platform-driven world.

5. Brands, Agencies, and Sustainable Business Beyond CSR
“Sustainability” is a buzzword many brands discuss, but leading advertising executives like Chawana view it more deeply. In 2024, sustainability trends are expected to be strong, but they must address broader challenges than just environmental concerns. It’s about sustainable outcomes that benefit everyone involved: brands, customers, customers’ customers, and stakeholders across the value chain. Environmental sustainability is just one aspect of this holistic sustainability view.
Chawana shared a successful sustainability campaign where a brand aimed to promote reading among schoolchildren. They offered free meal vouchers for every book a child read. The vouchers not only incentivized reading but also provided meals for their families, showcasing the pride children took in contributing to their households. Meanwhile, the restaurant saw increased sales from additional menu items ordered. This behavior reflects a sustainability trend not only focused on the environment but also on creating happy stakeholders who benefit from such initiatives.
CJ WORX aims to drive such initiatives, not just in advertising but in initiatives that improve society, the environment, and people’s lives simultaneously.
In conclusion, the 2024 behavioral trend demands marketers and advertisers adapt. The lesson from CJ WORX, a leading Thai digital agency, is clear: brands and advertising agencies must understand and respond to changing consumer behaviors. Whether more brands emerge or platforms and AI continue to disrupt advertising, they cannot diminish the creative value derived from human ingenuity.


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