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3 things brands must know before using DATA as a driving force for business.

DATA is information. If used to drive with the power of creative thinking and media experience, it yields business results greater than just generating sales. Today, you are invited to learn from Khun Chawna Keeratiyut Omrungkul, Managing Director of CJ WORX Group, an advertising agency expert, who has been harnessing the power of DATA to fuel ideas and has been armed with media weapons for over 14 years, ready to share experiences.

The results that both brands and consumers receive from using DATA can be analyzed into 3 outcomes:

When consumers feel that a brand understands their interests through the communication of DATA, they tend to feel a sense of belonging and openness to engage with and experience what the brand is communicating. For example, a campaign that raises awareness and consciousness about the situation of dengue fever using LOCATIONAL DATA, combined with creativity, by placing informative signs in each area, along with statistics of dengue patients in that area, creates relevance. Such relevance enhances the connection, as we rely on the same area.

“An example of LOCATIONAL DATA found that during COVID, there was a significant increase in online food ordering and home delivery in urban areas. Through analysis by CJ WORX Group and creativity, it turned into new campaigns that added value to the business. Evening advertising campaigns targeting mothers who finished work, ordered online, and stopped by to pick up food on their way home in urban areas made it more convenient for consumers. Brands that understand and empathize with consumer interests not only meet consumer needs but also boost sales.”

Moreover, diversity and specificity are abundant nowadays, whether it’s diversity in gender, thoughts, or geographical specificity. Chawna believes that communication must increasingly utilize DATA that delves into the deep-seated interests of specific groups. For instance, the increasing purchase of big bikes by women should be communicated by empowering women in using motorcycles, such as teaching exercise routines to build strength for handling large vehicles like big bikes because women have less muscle mass than men. Therefore, women should receive different communication from men for safe driving.

Ultimately, when BRAND RELEVANCY occurs, making consumers feel understood and opening up opportunities that lead to BRAND LOYALTY, they feel good and develop strong affection for the brand. This affection leads to repeat purchases and usage, becoming loyal fans. This is the ultimate goal of brands aspired for equally.

Utilizing this data as a key strategy in designing media strategy or media journey that is suitable for the targeted consumers will result in more efficient media outcomes. Based on CJ WORX Group’s experience in crafting media plans for SPORE Bangkok, the company saw a significant increase in sales, doubling compared to previous campaigns. Additionally, they were able to gather data on non-customers who had potential to purchase in the future, increasing by up to 45% compared to previous campaigns.

Moreover, using CHRONOLOGICAL DATA obtained from analyzing the time periods when consumers shop or use services, beneficial data can be found. For instance, the majority of consumers tend to order snacks to enjoy during the late afternoon. Therefore, the time period from 13:00 to 17:30 is suitable for marketing campaigns targeting SNACKING MOMENTS. By creating campaigns associated with these specific timeframes, the cost per click (CPC) decreased by up to 50%. Hence, using data allows media activities to deliver messages that consumers want to hear more. Previously, media might only generate awareness or clicks on websites, but now, using data alongside media helps customers prove sales outcomes as well.

Proven Sales Growth, Flourishing Business
Undoubtedly, the ultimate desire of brands is to drive business results most clearly with the data they have. That is, achieving increased sales. Based on the experience of creating new campaign formats, it was found that in the fast-food service business sector, using data combined with the power of creative thinking and efficient media communication can significantly increase sales growth by up to 4% and expand basket sizes by up to 21% compared to before the campaign that utilized data.

“Data that drives business growth, such as TRANSACTIONAL DATA from shopping baskets, can be used to develop further promotional campaigns or new products that interest potential customers. Even the analysis of the types of products in consumers’ shopping baskets is crucial. Managers have conveyed CJ WORX Group’s experience that data found at the point of purchase, such as in shopping baskets, is equally important. This is because consumer behavior is diverse. Choosing or ordering together is valuable data to be used for benefits.

“Customers order pizza with popcorn, coke with pancakes, custard pudding with milkshake, or often order popcorn with fried chicken. This data can lead to campaigns for new products that meet consumer needs, such as selling pizza with popcorn or offering promotions for pancakes along with a purchase of coke. This increases the chances that customers will buy additional pancakes. This means that the opportunity to purchase increases.”

Furthermore, when data is combined with the power of creativity and the effectiveness of media, it enables the analysis of consumers’ NEXT ACTION from accurately targeted advertising. This results in businesses being able to effectively communicate marketing messages and advance in their development.

As CJ WORX Group, with its full-service capabilities, including SPORE BKK, a media agency overseeing everything from CONVERSATIONAL MEDIA (media that fosters dialogue and engagement) to CONVERSIONAL MEDIA (media that helps increase sales), utilizing CREATIVE MEDIA combined with data enables the analysis of consumers’ NEXT ACTION, leading to successful advertising and the creation of a good CONVERSION RATE, ultimately resulting in generating sales from continuous behavior.

“The NEXT BEST ACTION is the next behavior that consumers are likely to engage in, which can be analyzed from the available data. It has already occurred in an automotive ad campaign. It was discovered that one consumer was interested in viewing Model A because of its color and shape. Therefore, there is a tendency for them to click on Model D more than other models. Consequently, in future advertising, Model D will receive more attention than other models.”

All of this demonstrates the utilization of the benefits of data from the perspective and experience of CJ WORX Group, which goes beyond being just an advertising agency but rather a consultant in using comprehensive data. Based on the notion that “the power of data is passed on to the use of creative thinking,” it represents the smartest collaboration between AI and humans.



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